At carolscatz we are focused on spay ,neuter,vaccinate , return .We have hundreds of stray, feral free roaming and discarded cats and kittens, in our communities, residents constantly need, seek help from animal control due to the over population of these animals. when spay and neuter is utilized, it starts the process of eliminating the over abundance of the litters being born each mating season. spay and neuter helps in other ways as well, the male cat spraying, and marking their territories, with that bad smell, the yeowling during mating , the cat fights. doesn't this sound great

DONT CALL ANIMAL CONTROL TO FIX THE PROBLEM. spay or neuter that cat. and become part of the solution.

Why us?

we are working to establish a connection with the people and help the residents. many other organizations have came into our twp, and promoted their ideas but never came back. we are here to stay . we live here, we know the people, and are ready to work with you.