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AUGUST 2020 

Society has abandoned many of its feline residents. They seek safety and shelter here at Carolscatz .Presently we care for 130 felines in various locations. All have been trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped on the left ear, and colonized. Many live here on site in kennels. and without us doing what we do, their life would end, most likely thru trapping and euthanization  at an animal shelter facility. People do not understand the differences between feral, stray, abandoned house cats. Education is key to understanding these animals. You can help them more by being educated on how to be a good caregiver.

September 2020

Many are left behind by caregivers when they move, die, or   no longer are able to care and feed for them. Many will die of starvation, sickness,  or be killed by predators including humans. They will forage in peoples trash for food, seek shelter under porches and cars. Many will be trapped and relocated by neighbors , to be abandoned to perish at the hands of nature. TNVR,( trap neuter vaccinate return,) is the most humane way to manage population control for these animals.  1 mating pair of felines, with their subsequent offspring ,can reproduce over 7 years 420,000 felines. 

Many will not survive . over populating  causes health issues due to in breeding, feline aids ,feline leukemia, with compromised immune systems. Since 2013 Carolscatz has tnvr"d more then 3000 cats and kittens.

We do what we can with the resources we have available

Many of our resident felines are seniors,  disabled, or have some issue  which declares them un adoptable according to todays society  when adopting , people want the perfect cat or kitten, and usually  pass over the handicapped. One such kitten residing here, is "frankie" a siamese kitten that is paraplegic. Frankie,  what a beautiful soul he was, died in his sleep thanksgiving  morning 2020. He was so broken inside, because of the stomping he had. A bone fragment from a broken healing rib, moved and punctured his heart. no one could predict this happening, but  it was a possibility as he had so many fragmented bone pieces from his many broken bones.  I loved this guy, with all my heart. a piece of me went with him, and he will always be in my heart. Just typing this has tears streaming down my face,  Why would someone be so cruel as to stomp a innocent little being?  Humans can be heartless and cruel at times.  Donations are  needed badly to help us ,help them.

January 2021  

Another new year, 2020 brought us the year of the pandemic. Many caregivers and pet owners not surviving the covid -19 virus. leaving behind thousands of  animals . Many of these animals are discarded by surviving family members, to live life on the streets, and forage for food and shelter. House pets that have never lived on the streets will die, waiting for the owner to come back for them, unable to hunt and find food, or warm shelter to keep them from freezing.  Carolscatz of commercial twp provides many temp shelters for these animals, and constantly is providing food for empty bellies. stay tuned  for stories of  rescue. Pray 2021 will bring more laws to protect the animals, no matter what their circumstance.